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California wines are as alive as the place they're grown. See how the Golden State influences each step of our winemaking process.

<span class='laid-back'>Laid-Back <span class='giant'>Nature</span></span>

Laid-Back Nature

California tends to take things a little easier. Rushing has never really been the way good things get done. Key for making wine. And, really, living a good life.

<span class='ia'>Inclusive</span> Approach

Inclusive Approach

You'll likely find a more-the-merrier mentality in California. Pull up a chair. Sit down and raise a glass. There's always room and everyone's welcome to join the party.

<span class='so'><span class='giant'>Sunny</span> Outlook</span>

Sunny Outlook

California sunshine isn’t just a reference to weather. The happy-go-lucky disposition is simply in the air, and part of what makes the Golden State so warm and inviting.

<span class='as'>Adventurous <span class='giant'>Spirit</span></span>

Adventurous Spirit

Adventure abounds in California. Whether in an outdoor excursion or trying something new with blends or barrels the up-for-anything attitude infuses everything.

California is
like a world of its own

A wide range of landscape and microclimates create a diverse terroir. So there's a perfect place to grow nearly every kind of grape. And with 100 varieties across the state, our winemakers are free to create complex varietals and unique, expressive blends.

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